Case Study

Reduce The Cost Per Lead From $35 to $20 within 4 Months

Client: Ultimate Transport 123

Industry: Transport

Services: Google Ads

Car Transport company

Client Result


Avg leads generated every month

$35 to $20

Decraese in CPL in four months


Incraese in leads volume
Car Transport Case Study

About Client

Founded in 2010 in a modest Long Island, NY office, our family’s mission has been to revolutionize auto transport through cutting-edge technology, ensuring unparalleled customer experiences and efficient transport solutions.

Client Goal

Decrease the cost per lead

Increase the quality of leads

Car carriers

What We Did

Refine keyword strategy by utilizing long-tail, specific keywords to target more qualified leads.

Improve ad relevance, tailor ad copy to match target audience’s search intent.

Employ smart bidding strategy CPA (cost per acquisition) for better cost control.



Car carriers


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