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Our story

Technology Castle serves many industries with SuiteCRM Development Services worldwide that wish to automate sales and marketing processes along with better management and tracking of business performance. Our SuiteCRM developers always strive to provide a solution that delivers the finest business results. We put the best CRM practices and brainstorm the best solutions for all your business needs. 

The Perspective.

Our SuiteCRM development services ensure that personal and intelligent customer service is at the core of your organization. Technology Castle’s CRM services deliver superior customer experience and boost the migrated data from the legacy systems to actionable insights while providing a 360-degree customer view. 

We Provide the following

SuiteCRM Services:

SuiteCRM Consulting

SuiteCRM Installation/Deployment

SuiteCRM Upgrade and Migration

SuiteCRM Apps Development and Customization

SuiteCRM Installation/Deployment

SuiteCRM Upgrade and Migration

Integrations we work on:




Our SuiteCRM Development Process:

1. Requirement Gathering

We first understand your requirements in detail and then come up with a custom solution

2. Analysis & Design

We first understand your requirements in detail and then come up with a custom solution

3. Development

After the design has been approved, we go ahead and develop the tailor-made SugarCRM solution for you, incorporating custom functions and features

4. Testing of Software

Once the solution has been developed, we test it thoroughly, and all the errors and bugs are fixed

5. Deployment

Lastly, after fixing the errors, the SugarCRM solution is deployed and released to the client for use

6. Maintenance

We don’t stop after deployment. We stay with you and provide ongoing support and maintenance whenever needed

Whether you are looking to manage your sales, improve customer service, migrate to SuiteCRM, or integrate SuiteCRM with other applications, our development team can help you achieve your business objectives. Technology Castle is an expert in developing custom SuiteCRM solutions for businesses in need of affordable and fully-featured CRM web solutions.

Our CRM developers design and develop the SuiteCRM applications and ensure that clients are trained enough for maximum utilization of the CRM application.


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